Yorkshire CND comment on Menwith Hill spying allegations

Yorkshire CND comment on Menwith Hill spying allegations

Press Release 28th October 2013

Responding to claims that the US spy base at Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, may have been involved in monitoring the phone calls of world leaders including Angela Merkel, co-chair of Yorkshire CND, Dave Webb, said:

“Yorkshire CND is not at all surprised by the recent and ongoing controversy surrounding the activities of the NSA and their British counterpart GCHQ.

“Campaigners here in Yorkshire have for years highlighted the ongoing scandal of the US spy base at Menwith Hill and its role not just in global espionage but as an integral part of the US’ National Missile Defence programme. Most recently in the groundbreaking report ‘Lifting the Lid on Menwith Hill.’

“The information leaked by whistleblower Edward Snowden has played a valuable role in bringing the issue to prominence but in reality the allegations are nothing new.

“Menwith Hill monitoring station has operated as the eyes and ears of the US, with the complicity of the British state for decades.”

Notes for Editors:

The Lifting the Lid report can be accessed via the Yorkshire CND website at:



  1. keiron pratt 5 years ago

    @dave webb….my father worked for the NSA for 35 years and we were stationed at menwith hill. both myself and brother were born in england (harrogate general). i live in hawaii and am a deputy sheriff. my father has retired form the agency. read your article…in fact all of this talk about the NSA has been under the microscope after snowden opened his mouth. he actually lived a block from my partners house in royal kunia and worked about two blocks from where i reside n chinatown. i hate when people talk about the NSA in a negative way…they have and will always be there to protect the citizens of the US and the UK. believe me they are not interested in the ordinary citizen’s phone calls about nonsense. just be respectful for what they do do for the country…your’s and mine!


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