Yorkshire CND AGM & Strategy Day

Yorkshire CND AGM & Strategy Day

We will be having our Annual General Meeting, including a review of the 2016’s activities, elections to officer positions and coordinating committee and review of finances.  This will be followed by a session to explore our strategy for the year(s) ahead.  The political context has changed dramatically in 2016, with the vote on Trident, the 2nd victory of Corbyn, Brexit and Trump, and this session will look at how CND should respond to this changing climate, and how to focus our energies.

The session will be facilitated by Clare Bonetree and Colin Holliday from the quaker group Turning the Tide, as we felt that someone who knows the issues, but stands outside the organisation will help us get the most from this session.

Everyone is welcome to the strategy session – you don’t have to be a paid up member of YCND – just support our aims and want to help us work out how to campaign in the next while.

Yorkshire CND AGM & Strategy Day

Saturday 21st January 11am-3pm, Swarthmore Centre, 2-7 Woodhouse Square, Leeds, LS31AD

11am – AGM, including Chair’s Report (slideshow of the year’s activities), resolutions and elections (deadline for nominations 6th January)

12pm – lunch

12.30pm – start of strategy session

3pm – Ends


Prof. Dave Webb (Leeds) for Chair, Hugh Hubbard (Leeds) Treasurer, Dr. Chris Butler (Shipley) for Vice-Chair, Charlie Fairbanks (Huddersfield), Jonathan Wallis (Sheffield), Sylvia Boyes (Keighley), Olivia Agate (Skipton), Josh Foskett (York Uni) Alasdair Beal (Leeds) for Coordinating Committee.


(Submitted by Prof. Dave Webb)

Yorkshire CND AGM notes with concern:

1.  The extremely dangerous international tension generated by the continued build up of missile defence bases in Europe and the Pacific region by the US and NATO;

2.  That missile defence systems encourage the vertical and horizontal proliferation of nuclear arms and are a massive barrier to progress towards nuclear disarmament talks;

3. That the incoming US President is looking to reinstate some of the old ‘Star Wars’ programmes and projects that will likely escalate an arms race in outer space.
Yorkshire CND recognises:

1) Our role in the coordination of national CND work on missile defence and space warfare issues

2) recognises the importance of the support to us in this work by other European and International groups – such as the Stopp Ramstein Campaign and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

We therefore resolve to:

3) continue to support these groups and in particular to support the demonstration planned for the US military base at the Ramstein Air Base in Germany (HQ for NATO missile defence in Europe)  and Keep Space for Peace Week in 2017;

2) continue to highlight the roles of associated bases in the UK such as those at Fylingdales, Menwith Hill and Croughton.