Vote Out Nukes!

Vote Out Nukes!

A General Election has been called for Thursday 8 June 2017. This is a chance for us to send a clear message by electing anti-nuclear MPs to parliament.

The United Nations is expected to finalise a nuclear weapons ban treaty in July, with the support of the overwhelming majority of the international community. Despite successive governments claiming to support multilateral disarmament, Boris Johnson boycotted the talks. The treaty comes as prospects of a nuclear confrontation between the US and North Korea are rapidly increasing.

Last year MPs voted to support the replacement of the Trident, a project set to cost £205 billion. The last government also stated its commitment to nuclear power, despite the huge costs, uncertainty around safety and feasibility.

We encourage you to ask candidates for their views on three key issues during the campaign. We will then be publicising the responses to ensure people can make an informed decision before casting their ballot. The issues are:

  1. The UK signing the UN nuclear ban treaty
  2. The replacement of Trident
  3. The construction of new nuclear power stations

As candidates are announced you will be able to contact those standing in your area through the CND website and see what responses others have received.