Trident Missile Crisis – Demand an enquiry

Trident Missile Crisis – Demand an enquiry

Trident Inquiry

What we know. In the last four years the UK has carried out a single test of a Trident Missile, it was aimed at Africa but seems to have headed for the USA. All our ‘nuclear opponents’ knew of the failure (they are alerted of test launches for obvious reasons) and monitor the results. Who was not made aware were the MPs who were to vote (a few weeks later), whether or not to devote a third of Britain’s military procurement budget to developing this new system.
What should alarm us is not the targeting failure – there can be no valid target for such a weapon of mass destruction under international law – rather it is the constant disproving of the supposed ‘technical infallibility’ of the Trident system and total lack of transparency and parliamentary oversight of this monstrous system. This is merely the most recent of a catalogue of technical and security failings which demonstrate that rather than being the ‘ultimate insurance policy’ the Trident system is the greatest threat to our collective security and well-being.

As CND’s Kate Hudson said to the media: “this is a very serious failure of the Trident system and there’s absolutely no doubt this would have impacted on the debate in Parliament on Trident replacement. The government’s motivation for holding back this vital information is therefore clear.

“Instead of crucial information being given by the government at the appropriate time to inform the MP’s debate, it’s been revealed by a senior naval figure months after it took place.”

Theresa May was asked four times on the BBC : “did you know the misfire of the missile had occurred when you made your first speech about Trident to Parliament in July 2016?”. Four times she was asked and four times she refused to answer.

It’s clear many more MPs would have voted against the £205 billion Trident system – even those who support a nuclear weapons system in principle – if they had known that Trident technology had proven so unreliable.

Demand an inquiry into the Trident crisis

If Theresa May won’t tell us the truth about Trident, an inquiry must be conducted to uncover the truth.

This is an important moment for CND to make a political intervention – our activity can make a huge difference – so please support our actions. 1) Use the CND lobby tool to ask your MP to sign EDM 877 calling for an inquiry 2)  Write to your local newspaper and take part in radio discussions on this issue. CND has prepared a short briefing which may be helpful.