Transport to Burghfield Lockdown

Transport to Burghfield Lockdown

We’ll be heading down to the 2nd of March ‘Burghfield Lockdown’ to join campaigners from around the country as well as contingents from Finland and Sweden to blockade Britain’s own nuclear bomb factory. The blockade marks the beginning of ActionAWE‘s month long DISARM! campaign, calling on campaigners to ACT, SPEAK, VOTE against Trident renewal. There will be a number of blockades around the base around different themes, such as the Faith Blockade (led by Pax Christi), we be working together as a Yorkshire group. We need people who are able to offer a support role to blockaders so don’t feel that if you can’t risk arrest you shouldn’t attend, we really do need all hands on deck – people to help with media, legal support and transport as well as those feeding and watering blockaders.

The transport will leave on the Sunday morning (1st of March) so that we get there in time for training on direct action tactics, legal briefings and have a chance to make a plan for the following morning. The minibus will be leaving from the war memorial next to the Alambra theatre in Bradford at 10.15am and will then pickup at Leeds train station at 10.45am. Bus will return either the Monday night or Tuesday morning, we’ve got a community hall to sleep in for the evenings but do bring a sleeping bag.

More info about the blockade :

Cost will be £20 (waged), £10 (unwaged) return.

People should contact to book. We can’t guarentee places after Monday 23rd so do let us know as soon as possible if you want a seat on the bus.