Structure of Yorkshire CND

Structure of Yorkshire CND

Yorkshire CND Structure

Yorkshire CND is a membership organisation, and you can become a member of Yorkshire CND without necessarily being a member of national CND.  Any member can attend the Annual General Meeting, where positions are elected and policies debated.

The Coordinating Committee meets several times a year, around once every 2 months to shape Yorkshire CND’s campaigning activities.

Yorkshire CND employs 3 members of staff, a Fundraising worker ( part time), and two Campaigns, Outreach and Communication workers (part time/job share).  We also have a number of regular volunteers.

Co-Convenors – Sarah Cartin, Dave Webb

Treasurer – Malcolm Henshall

Coordinating Committee

Olivia Agate
Alasdair Beal
Sylvia Boyes
Charlie Fairbank
Georgia Gwynne
Anne Lee
Elva Lynch-Bathgate
Miriam Moss

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