Sheffield CND Minutes March

Sheffield CND Minutes March

Report from March 2016 meeting of Sheffield CND

Present: Jonathan W, Kath C, Bernard O, Lesley M, John B,
Anne, Beryl.

Chesterfield CND Newsletter.

Report back from National & local demonstrations February 27th
While the large demonstration in central London (250k?) passed virtually unnoticed by the BBC, the demo – including Yokshire CND’s ‘missile’ was much photographed (more at Yorkshire CND’s Facebook page). The demonstration was inspirational with a good mix of ages. Sheffield CND had its own banner and Sheffield SCRAP also had its own unmissable banner.

Speakers at Trafalgar Square included the leaders of the SNP, Plaid Cymru, the Green Party and Jeremy Corbyn. Jonathan spoke on the coach back with members of ‘Momentum’, encouraging them to attend our meetings. Memorable quotes from the demo:

Caroline Lucas: “…(our) Government…is currently boycotting new
multilateral disarmament talks in Geneva. This is
completely unacceptable.”

Jeremy Corbyn: “ We need many local Constituency Parties to enter
resolutions on this issue (Trident)”.

Local CND demonstration at Town Hall: 30-35 participants and placards. Passers-by were encouraged to leave contact details. The reporter from ‘Sheffield Live’ had to depart early in order to interview J.Corbyn prior to his departure for London (see above).

Proposed Sheffield MP’s Debate on Trident
Following the recent death of respected MP and ex-miner Harry Harpham arrangements for the event will now have to be re-negotiated with Sheffield MPs while memories of February 27th remain fresh. In related news, the Shadow Defence Secretary, Emily Thornbury is asking individual members of the Labour Party to send submissions on the theme ‘Will renewal of Britain’s nuclear capability aid us in protecting Britain’s security?” before April 30th 2016 (, preferably with the backing of branch and constituency party.

Change of Officers at Sheffield CND
The resolution for this change was minuted and agreed. A rough division of secretarial duties has been agreed between Jonathan Wallis and John Baker and membership lists and other office sundries and petty cash have been passed on. A possible move from the Coop Bank in solidarity with Sheffield Palestine Solidarity Campaign, was mentioned but held over.

Financial Statement
Stewart reports that at present funds stand at around £200.

The ‘Peace and Craft Fair’ held annually at the Town Hall resulted in a donation of £50 to Sheffield CND from the organizing committee.

More News from Sheffield & beyond
One of the SCRAP quilts has been moved to Bradford Peace Museum where it will remain on display to visiting groups with an accompanying leaflet (Top Floor, 10 Piece Hall Yard, BD1 1PJ,

Events in the near future

Nuclear Convoys
An EDM currently before the House of Commons follows a Bill in Parliament which calls on the Government to regulate convoys. In addition to an end to such convoys, the EDM seeks clarification on safety measures in place for areas the convoys travel through. Please ask your MP to sign EDM 987 on nuclear convoys.

Public Engagement Event in Sheffield
Two masters students from the University wish to stage an event in Sheffield. The event will focus on the ‘Peoples Republic of South Yorkshire’ and its achievements, including the Nuclear Free Zone promotion. Lesley M expressed an interest and anyone with memories or specialist knowledge should contact Sabrina Webster at

International Conscientious Objector’s Day
The ‘CO Day’ event is run by London-based Peace Pledge Union ( in Tavistock Square. We would like to hold
a similar event in Sheffield; please get in touch if you would too.

Next Meeting: 7.30pm April 20th, QMH, St James St, Sheffield.

Stewart Kemp (Treaurer)– 89 Rustlings Road, Sheffield S11 7AB
John Baker (Joint Secretary) 10 Columbia Place, Sheffield S2 4AR

Dates for your diary (volunteers welcome!)
April 18th Global Day of Action against Military Spending;Yorks CND.
April 30th Sharrow Indoor Spring Market/Old Sharrow School.
12 – 6pm – Sheffield CND; stall booked.
May 14th-21st Naqba memorial at Winter Gardens.
June 6-9th Yorks CND direct action at AWE, Burghfield; all invited –
contact Yorks CND (01274 730 795 or
June 11th Peace in the Park, The Ponderosa; Matt will organize this.
June 18th Heeley Festival – Stall booked.
July 4th Menwith Hill – American Independence Day.
July 16th Sharrow Festival
August 6th Hiroshima Day
August 7th Peace picnic; to be organized jointly with SCRAP.

John Baker, March 18th 2016