Peace and Disarmament in The Labour Party

Peace and Disarmament in The Labour Party

Yorkshire CND was extremely disappointed to hear of the loss of Fabian Hamilton as shadow minister for “Peace and Disarmament” and for the loss of that part of the job from the post.

Fabian Hamilton has always been a dedicated force for peace and disarmament in the Labour Party and a great supporter of CND. His appointment by Jeremy Corbyn, when he was leader, as Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament, was well deserved and an inspired move forward.

Later his role was enlarged when he became the Labour Party’s Shadow Minister for Peace and Disarmament, Latin America and the Caribbean but the recent reshuffle not only removed the “Peace and Disarmament” part from the title but also removed Fabian Hamilton from the post.

It appears that Keir Starmer’s aides did not realise that Fabian’s full role title also covered the region of “Latin America, the Caribbean” and UK soft power. In any case, that particular role has now been given to someone else, and the “Peace and Disarmament” aspect has been dropped altogether.’

It is very disheartening to see this huge backward step by the Labour Party, especially at this time of enormous concern and international tension, when the emphasis should clearly be on peace and disarmament and taking a step back from the risk of nuclear devastation. It is not the way to ensure a peaceful and united future, so desperately needed if we are going to successfully tackle the challenges of climate change.

We therefore publicly thank Fabian for all his work and especially for his contribution to peace and disarmament and we urge the Labour Party to restore the “Peace and Disarmament” post as soon as possible.