No Faith in Trident local Lobby of Parliament

No Faith in Trident local Lobby of Parliament


To mark the last day of Bruce Kent’s No Faith in Trident Tour, CND have organised a mass lobby of Parliament.

If you can make it down to London on that day, please do arrange a meeting with your local MP via the CND webpage and read the lobbying briefing in preparation.
While we want to ensure that Yorkshire is represented in London, we know that not everyone will be able to travel down on a weekday, so if you’re not able to attend we will also be organising a virtual lobby locally, we’d like to ensure that we get at least 100 letters and emails to Yorkshire MP’s on that day to show the depth of feeling back here.

The best way we can think of to do this is if we can get people to sign-up to each get two friends or neighbours to write a letter or email. While we will all know others that agree with us that Trident replacement is an immoral waste of public money, most of the UK electorate will never directly contact their local MP. Letters should be posted on Tuesday the 10th to arrive on day of the Lobby.

Whatever our opinions on those in Westminster, it is ONLY MPs that will get a vote on whether to replace Trident warheads in 2016, so getting through to them is vital. It’s important to remember that vote on Trident submarine replacement in 2007 saw a large rebellion and 88 MPs defying a ‘three line whip’ (the strongest threat a party can make to make MPs vote a certain way) to vote with their conscience. You can find out who your local MP is and how they’ve voted in previous decisions over war and nuclear weapons by using the They work for you website.

Contact us – to get involved.