Membership fee increases

Membership fee increases

Given the current global situation, and the heightened risk of the use of nuclear weapons, we feel it is all the more important to increase our campaigning efforts. So whether you’ve been a life-long member/supporter of YCND, or if you are a more recent member/supporter, your support for our campaign is very much appreciated.

We have, until now, managed not to increase the membership fees for over a decade. Which is great value for money. Unfortunately, we find ourselves in a position whereby we now need to raise the membership fee to keep up with the increased cost of living to stay afloat and looking ahead, we need to secure our ability to continue our work in the future.

We wanted to give you some notice of this and will introduce the fee increase on March 1st this year.


From 1st March 2024, new annual fees will be:




  • Unwaged/Student/OAP – £6
  • Waged – £15
  • Solidarity – £25




  • £25


Affiliated Peace Groups/Unions


  • £50


Standing Order


It is extremely helpful to us if you are willing to set up a regular standing order, either annually or monthly as it reduces our admin time.  In particular, if you have previously paid by cheque, please consider changing to either a standing order (preferable) or bank transfer. We realise that this won’t work for everyone and for those members and supporters that prefer to send cheques, we are happy to accept them.

To start a new Standing Order using a form, please contact:

(If you are able to include an extra regular donation on top of the basic membership rate this will be welcome and greatly appreciated.)


How to amend your payments.


There are three different ways to amend Standing Orders,  depending on how you use the services of your bank. If you access your bank on-line you can log into on-line banking and alter the amount there.

If you use telephone banking you can call your bank to make the change.

If neither of the two options above apply you can go to your branch and speak to a cashier at the counter to instruct the amended Standing Order amount.

If you pay online using the donate button on the website, simply increase the amount when your membership becomes due.

Alternatively, if you pay by direct bank transfer, again, simply increase the amount when your membership is due.


Monthly/Regular payments


If you would prefer to make monthly or regular payments, bi-annual or quarterly, rather than annual, for either membership fees or donations, that’s perfectly fine, just set them up via your bank if possible. We recommend a minimum monthly amount of £2 a month.


New Ways to pay


In the coming year Yorkshire CND is considering introducing a new subscription option via our website, using a service such as Patreon. More information to follow…


In peace,

The Yorkshire CND Team