Yorkshire People’s Lobby on Trident

Yorkshire People’s Lobby on Trident

At CND our time is spent trying to raise the Trident issue… well, this week it is on the front page of every serious newspaper in the country and trending on both Twitter and Facebook. While we can’t claim the credit for that (thanks Jeremy!), we do need to take advantage of it.

If Parliament vote to replace Trident next year, our job of getting it scrapped becomes many times more difficult. The time to push is NOW, before the vote takes place and only MPs will make this decision. We have a load of new MPs in Yorkshire and in many cases we still don’t fully know their position on Trident. Well, with your help, that is about to change!

In the fortnight leading up to the 6th of November, we aim to visit every single MP in Yorkshire at least once to talk about Nuclear Weapons. There will be a Lobby of Parliament on the 4th of November in Westminster, but as many can’t make it to London, we want as many people as possible to go and visit their local MP’s constituency surgery.

Next week we’ll publish a full list of surgery times and contact details, but get started by boning up on your lobbying skills with  How to Lobby your MP. Get in touch if you want to organise a group to visit your MP, we’ll be gathering all the information together on MPs attitudes to Trident to aid further campaigning.

When speaking to Labour MPs who are concerned by recent opposition from the GMB and Unite unions, emphasise the Defence Diversification Agency championed by Jeremy Corbyn to not only defend but also expand jobs in areas currently supported by public money spent on nuclear weapons.


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