Labour Policy Review – Get involved!

Labour Policy Review – Get involved!

The current Labour defence policy review being conducted by Emily Thornberry’s represents a vital opportunity to have an open discussion about Trident renewal and Britain’s role in the world. The review encourages the ‘ widest possible participation of party members and the public’ and is open to submissions and responses until the 30th of April.

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It is vital that we put our case forward, demonstrating a broad base of opposition to Trident replacement, whether that be a submission from your Union branch, your local peace or community group or just from yourself as an individual.

If you are a member of the Labour Party ensure that your branch and CLP debate Trident, we’ve addressed a large number of Yorkshire CLPs over the past few months from Harrogate to Haltemprice and Howden. If you’re putting forward a motion yourself, Labour CND has produced these excellent speaking notes, if you’d like to book a speaker or your CLP has put forward a motion on Trident please do get in touch. When a motion is passed it is important to make sure that the National Policy Forum is informed and that the motion is submitted both to the defence review and for national conference.

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