Key Dates for 2024 & beyond

Key Dates for 2024 & beyond

Do you find it difficult to keep track of all the important peace events throughout the year? We’ve put together a list with key dates for your diary, which we hope you’ll find helpful!


EVERY YEAR 22nd January – TPNW Entry into Force

EVERY YEAR Strategy Day (Feb/March)

EVERY YEAR (EXACT DATES CHANGE BUT THIS TIME OF YEAR) 13th April to 12th May – Global Days of Action on Military Spending

EVERY YEAR 22nd April – Earth Day

EVERY YEAR 29th April – Day of Rememberence for Victims of Chemical Warfare

EVERY YEAR 4th May – No Star Wars Day

THIS YEAR 11th May – Lakenheath day of action – could we do a local protest, maybe at Menwith Hill?

EVERY YEAR (date varies) 11th May – With Banners Held High

MOST YEARS May local elections

EVERY YEAR June 5th – World Environment Day

THIS YEAR 6th to 9th June – Peace Studies Golden Jubilee Conference

EVERY YEAR June 12th – Faslane Peace Camp established (1982)

THIS YEAR 17th to 24th June – Global Week of Action on Nuclear Spending June 2024

EVERY YEAR Last week in June – Glastonbury

EVERY YEAR 4th July – Independence from America demonstration at Menwith Hill

EVERY YEAR 5th July – NHS Birthday

EVERY YEAR 6/9th August – Hiroshima/Nagasaki remembrance

EVERY YEAR Bank holiday weekend August – Shambala

EVERY YEAR September/October – Freshers events

EVERY YEAR 21st September – International Day of Peace

THIS YEAR 22-23rd September – UN Summit of the Future

EVERY YEAR 7-14th October – Keep Space for Peace Week

EVERY YEAR 24th October – International Day of Climate Action

EVERY YEAR (exact dates not confirmed) October – National CND Conference/AGM

EVERY YEAR (DATE CHANGES) 16th November – Peace and Craft Fair


Please also note that Regional Campaigners meetings happen every 2 months, and the details of these will be shared on our social media pages.