Keep Space for Peace Week 2018

Keep Space for Peace Week 2018

Trump has announced plans for a Space Force — a separate military service which would ensure US ‘control and domination’ of space on behalf of corporate interests. China, Russia and other space-faring nations would be the targets. The Pentagon has actually been operating in space for decades, so creating a new military branch would not only be a problem with bureaucracy but also it would further destabilise the world and increase tensions.

The idea that the US must dominate space is arrogant, stupid, dangerous, and highly destabilising to world peace. The Trump and Pence proposal for a Space Force is largely driven by maximum profits for the aerospace industry. Unfortunately, our bases at Fylingdales and Menwith Hill are implicitly tied up in the US desire to dominate space.

Earlier this year, with little fanfare, the Pentagon’s mission statement was changed from being to “provide the military forces needed to deter war and protect the security of our country”. Under Trump, who is a one-man argument for nuclear disarmament, the “deter war” aim was removed, and replaced with “sustain American influence abroad”. As Natalie Bennett argued when she spoke at Menwith Hill on 4th July, no UK prime minister can reasonably defend UK soil being used for such a purpose – particularly not for a Trumpian White House.

The U.N.’s Outer Space and Moon Treaties declare that space must be preserved for all of humanity. As peace campaigners we need to renew our efforts to defeat plans to weaponise space. During October 6-13, the annual KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE WEEK will focus on Space Force. Please get involved and come to one or all of our events below.

Saturday 6th October – Walk & Talk at Fylingdales – An informative walk around the base focusing on Fylingdales’ role in US plans to dominate space – led by Prof Dave Webb of the Global Network Against Nuclear Weapons & Power in Space.  Transport available from Leeds/Bradford – contact the office, or meet at Eller Beck bridge (bus 840 from Leeds to Whitby stops here) at midday. We’ll then walk a permissive footpath behind the base, with the choice to return to Eller Beck or walk on the more scenic but longer route to the Hole of Horcum car park.

Tuesday 9th October – Demo at Menwith Hill
As part of the network of global protest at the increasing militarisation of space there will be a peaceful demonstration outside the main gates of Menwith Hill. Russia, China and the USA are all increasing the use of space for military purposes. The announcement by US Vice President Mike Pence that the US now wishes to develop Space Force adds urgency over the need for peace loving people the world over to say NO. Please come and support this demonstration, every person counts. Do note that it can get chilly at Menwith Hill so warm clothes advised.  Free transport available from Bradford or Leeds, please contact 01274 730795