British Pugwash: James Acton webinar

Join Pugwash on Monday 8th April at 6pm (UK time) for our webinar with leading expert on nuclear weapons policy, Dr James Acton. There will be discussion on the rising tensions between the nuclear powers, and the prospects for a more peaceful world. In particular, the webinar will consider nuclear entanglement and escalation risks, and the impact of new technologies on nuclear decision-making. The […]

5 Demands To Build A Real Alternative

Hamilton House Mander Hall, Mabledon Place, London, United Kingdom

Join a one-day conference hosted by Peace & Justice Project on Saturday 13th April in London. We'll be joined by speakers from across our movement outlining the challenges - and solutions - to the crises we face and how we build a real alternative. With panels on: A Payrise for All Green New Deal with Public Ownership Housing for All Tax the Rich to Save the […]

War costs us the earth

Join GCOMS UK as they kick off #GDAMS with a webinar looking at the political landscape in the UK on around military spending ahead of the General Election with Sam Perlo-Freeman.

A Celebration of Pat Arrowsmith: the extraordinary peace activist

LSE Library The British Library of Political and Economic Science, 10 Portugal Street, London, United Kingdom

Join CND and the LSE Library for a celebration of the life of Pat Arrowsmith, the extraordinary peace campaigner and organiser of the first Aldermaston March in 1958, the single event that most put CND on the public map at this time. Speakers include: Steve Bell, Pat’s election agent in 1979 when she ran as an Independent Socialist candidate against […]

Northern CND & Peace Groups Gathering

Cross Street Chapel Manchester

Greater Manchester & District CND and Yorkshire CND will be hosting a gathering open to all Northern CND and peace groups to come together, share skills and knowledge, and discuss the challenges facing peace campaigners. As well as sessions discussing our organising priorities, we will also be providing vegetarian food and refreshments. We will be joined by Sara Medi Jones from […]

Nuclear Power Costs the Earth: A Webinar

This subversive webinar challenges the idea of nuclear power as a clean energy solution. Hosted by the Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament with guest speakers Rosie Hamptom from Friends of the Earth and Dr Ian Fairlie. It's true that nuclear energy production doesn't in and of itself emit greenhouse gases. It is not, however, as "clean" as the nuclear power […]

A nuclear-free future: A day in Parliament with Youth and Student CND

Houses Of Parliament London

Join Youth and Student CND and Members of Parliament for a day in Westminster to learn more about why the campaign for a world without nuclear weapons is so crucial at the moment. The day will include a tour of Parliament, lunch and workshops with MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn MP. Tickets are free but participants must be an up-to-date member […]

YCND campaigner meeting

Join Yorkshire CND to share information on what your local peace group has been up to, and discuss ideas for regional actions to take place on 11th May for the National Demo to raise awareness about US nukes returning to Lakenheath.

For A Nuclear Free Middle East

Join the inaugural meeting of the Central Manchester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament branch for a discussion on how we achieve peace and nuclear disarmament across the Middle East. The global mass movement for peace that has arisen in response to the genocidal war on Gaza has seen millions protest, stage sit-ins and march in defence of peace. In Britain, CND has played a […]

Peace Lotus: International Solidarity to Anti War resistance

Wharf Chambers 23-25 Wharf Street, Leeds, United Kingdom

Welcome to Peace Lotus: International Solidarity to Anti War resistance! Join us at Wharf Chambers for a day of unity and activism. This in-person event will be a powerful gathering of like-minded individuals dedicated to promoting peace and justice. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for creating a more peaceful world. As Wharf radical […]