Bruce Gagnon Tour

Bruce Gagnon Tour

We are very pleased to host Bruce Gagnon (Founder and Coordinator of The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space) in Yorkshire on a rare European visit. Bruce will be here discussing the interplay between Militarism (in particular the currently escalating arms race over missile defence systems and the militarisation of space) and the politics of Austerity and discussing the alternatives.

Bruce Gagnon profile painting

His talks will report on the growing movement across the planet to oppose endless war-making – particularly as it relates to President Obama’s ‘pivot’ into the Asia Pacific and NATO expansion eastward up to Russia’s borders. This provocative, dangerous and extensive military strategy comes at a time when global poverty and climate change demand a redirection of foriegn and domestic policies in our countries.

17th November

Bradford University – 12.15 – 1.15PM  Book tickets
Menwith Hill – 6 till 7.30PM

18th November

Leeds University – 11AM – 12.30PM Book tickets

20th November

Fylingdales – 4.30PM Demo details

Watch a video profile of Bruce Gagnon

For more information on Bruce see his Portrait on American’s that tell the truth.