Keep Space for Peace Week – events

Keep Space for Peace Week – events

The two military communications bases at Menwith Hill near Harrogate and Fylingdales in the North York Moors, are key components of the US missile defence system.

This system is designed to give the US global control of space (as well as land, sea, air and  information) and the ability to launch first strikes anywhere in the world without fear of retaliation. It is an integral part of a nuclear first strike and increases the possibility of a nuclear war.

US and NATO missile defence installations in Europe can be seen as aggressive moves, particularly dangerous considering the ongoing crisis in Ukraine and the deteriorating relationship with Russia. Recently, it emerged that in response to NATO expansion into Eastern Europe, a senior Russian General has called for military doctrine to be redefined to include the possibility of pre-emptive nuclear strikes against foreign powers.

We need to continue to highlight the role of these bases in promoting global insecurity.

At Menwith Hill, Keep Space for Peace week will be marked with a demo organised by Campaign for Accountability of American Bases at the main gates on Tuesday 7th October at 6PM. We will be organising transport from Bradford, come along and support CAAB’s essential work.

At Fylingdales, Yorkshire CND and friends will meet at 1pm, Saturday 11th October  at Eller Beck on the A169 between Pickering and Whitby, to walk around the base and have a peace picnic. We will also be flying peace kites in solidarity with the week of action against Drones which also ends on 11th. More info on drones.

For more info on Missile Defence see Space4Peace.