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Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – For a world free of nuclear weapons


UK to increase nuclear stockpile by 40%

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April 7th @ 6pm

Our office is currently closed due to social distancing, but the campaigning continues!

Join us now!

Menwith Hill

We campaign on Menwith Hill, a secretive US NSA run base in the heart of Yorkshire that is not only a surveillance centre, but plays a key role in US Missile Defence.


We also oppose another landmark US base on the N Yorkshire Moors, ‘RAF’ Fylingdales. It is one of 3 radar stations in the US Ballistic Missile Early Warning System, part of the US ‘Star Wars’ programme.


Our Day of Dance, Peace & Craft Fair and summer festivals teams raise the £ that enable us keep our political activities and our local groups at the heart of our campaign.