Y CND AGM January 2020

Yorkshire CND AGM 25th January 2020


1) Welcome and apologies

2) Minutes of last Coordinating Committee meeting and 2018/9 AGM

3) Matters Arising

4) Convenor’s Report and summary of the year’s activities (Dave Webb) NB  This will actually take place at the end of the previous public meeting – Confronting Extinction, before the break.

5) Any questions to the Worker’s Reports (circulated written)

6) Financial Report including presentation of the Accounts for the last year

7) Group Reports

8) Resolutions

8.1 – Emergency resolution on Iran (details circulated on the day)

8.2 -Resolution on structure and role of the Y CND coordinating committee (see below)

9) Elections of Officers

Nominations: Chair – Dave Webb, Vice-Chair – vacant, Treasurer – Hugh Hubbard

10) Elections for Coordinating Committee: Nominations – Olivia Agate, Alasdair Beal, Sylvia Boyes, Charlie Fairbanks, Jimmy McCleod, Jonathan Wallis, Colin Archer.

Nomination of National CND Council representatives.

11) Upcoming events and strategy for the year ahead.

12) AOB and announcements

13) Date of next Coord meeting


Discussion/Resolution on Coordinating committee

1. Review of YCND coordinating committee. This as stipulated in the constitution.
To circulate to all YCND members etc a list of committee members in 2019.
To look at and clarify wording in 4b of the constitution.

2. Yorkshire CND covers an enormous and varied area area.
Over the past year , for variuos reasons and despite some dates fixed well in advance, there has been rushed meetings with not many areas represented.
How enthusiastic are the committee members about travelling to different places especially for short meetings.
The constitution stipulates 6 meetings a year. 4d.
Following for discussion. To hold four meetings in year in Bradford or Leeds or via internet/phone/ as a check on business between our AGM. Two meetings during the year each a full day to include above but to give time for development of actions and to share issues of vital importance. Could take a variety of forms.
So hopefully any such change would not include a change of the constitution.

Sylvia Boyes