We’re recruiting!

We’re recruiting!

We’re looking for an experienced campaigner, could it be you?

Would you like to work as part of a dynamic campaigning team? Do you want to make a real difference by making the world a safer place for future generations?

We are looking for an experienced, committed and enthusiastic campaigner to join our existing campaign team at Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament.

Part time: 14hrs per week

The tasks listed below will be undertaken by the Campaigns Officer, in conjunction with the other members of the existing campaigns team.

Strategy and Development

  • To plan, instigate, stimulate and support peace and disarmament campaigning in the Yorkshire region, including around the key areas of US Missile Defence and the weaponisation of space.

Information and Campaigning

  • To play a key role in overseeing and developing ongoing campaign strategies and to implement a range of campaign tactics including, press work, demonstrations, lobbying, letter-writing and organising public meetings.
  • To develop ideas for actions and events and to see them through from inception to completion.
  • To research, prepare and disseminate information and campaign materials about events and projects including design, wording and layout.
  • To create engaging media content for the Yorkshire CND website and social media channels.
  • To carry out work for national CND when required in liaison with the Yorkshire CND Chair and / or Co-ordinating Committee.
  • To provide information on relevant issues to brief MPs, MEPs and local councillors.
  • To develop and maintain relationships with a broad range of organisations working on peace related issues in the region.
  • To actively promote relevant regional and national peace related activities and events.


  • To operate from the Yorkshire CND office during agreed hours and on agreed days, except where travelling for Yorkshire CND business. To handle urgent enquiries outside office hours.
  • To take on some administrative tasks – Yorkshire CND does not employ an admin worker, and tasks such as finance and payroll, membership, office management, IT, website and online shop are taken on by members of the campaign team. You will be expected to take on some of this work dependent on your skills and in negotiation with the current team.
  • To schedule and prioritise one’s own workload.


  • To help recruit, train and manage volunteers in the Yorkshire CND office.
  • To act as regional contact for CND members and supporters, groups, enquirers and the media.
  • To support, develop and set-up local groups across the region.
  • To report to the Co-ordinating Committee and CND National Council. To attend the Co-ordinating group meetings and other meetings as required.
  • To maintain close liaison with other CND regions, the national office, Yorkshire CND Treasurer and Convenor.
  • To develop & maintain relationships with other organisations and groups in the region and promote relevant peace-related activities.
  • To carry out other duties as required by the Yorkshire CND Co-ordinating Group.

Location: Central Bradford

Hours: 14hrs per week

Conditions: £27,826, statutory pension contributions and 28 days of holiday entitlement for a 35 hour week. You will receive of the pro rata equivalent – 14 hrs represents 40% of the above.

Closing date: Noon, 12 September 2018 – please email your completed application form to matt@yorkshirecnd.org.uk