Vote for Peace and Disarmament

Vote for Peace and Disarmament

This looks to be one of the most important elections in a generation, with marked differences between UK political parties in terms of their foreign policy positions. Now is the time to question the candidates in your area about how they will vote around the crucial issues of peace and disarmament, it is also the time to get firm commitments (e.g to sign the ICAN Parliamentary Pledge).

Contact your Candidates

An example question you might ask in a hustings:

In 2017 the majority of world states agreed the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons, while the UK boycotted the negotiations. Do you believe that the UK should sign the treaty and will you pledge that, if elected, you would support the total abolition of Weapons of Mass Destruction.

ICAN Parliamentary Pledge Signatories by Party

Party Number of MPs
SNP 35
Labour 21
Plaid Cymru 4
Green 1
Lib Dem 1


We will be publishing dates of hustings around the region (please let us know of any we miss). As always do let us know what responses you get from candidates. If you are lucky enough to have a standing MP that supports these principles or a local candidate that you trust, don’t just vote for them, get out there and campaign!