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Why We Need An Anti-War Government – York

Priory Street Centre 15 Priory Street, York

The case for a complete rethink on Britain's relationships The world feels increasingly on a knife edge. Donald Trump seeks to inflame tensions via Twitter. Our government, eager to get a post-Brexit trade deal with America, are increasingly being sucked in to the growing maelstrom. "Why We Need An Anti-War Government" 7.30pm Tuesday 24th April at the Priory Street Centre […]

How Women are Banning Nuclear Weapons

Priory Street Centre 15 Priory Street, York

It is an exciting time, as a UN nuclear weapons global ban treaty is open for signatures. Once it enters into force, the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) will make it illegal for its signatories to test, produce or use nuclear weapons. The treaty was negotiated at the United Nations 2017, with the participation of more than […]