Infirmary Fields

Fly Kites not Killer Drones

Infirmary Fields Westgate, Bradford, United Kingdom

Killer drones have fast become the preferred weapon of choice for politicians who use them daily to conduct assassinations, execution without trial. Without Judge or jury such killing take place at the touch of a button by the drone pilot often thousands of miles away, no opportunity for a legal defence or a chance to present evidence is given. Despite […]


Fly Kites not Drones – Bradford

Infirmary Fields Westgate, Bradford, United Kingdom

This year the Fly Kites not Drones event in Bradford will happen in Infirmary Fields where the wind is better, the event is open to all. The Fly Kites not Drones started in Afghanistan with the peace youth group the Afghan Peace Volunteers, they would say that children in their villages are now too afraid to fly kites because of […]