The Truth About Trident – Timmon Milne Wallis

The Truth About Trident – Timmon Milne Wallis


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The issuse of trident is too important to be left to politications and generals. it needs to be discussed in the pub, at the school gates and over the kitchen sink so that people aware of the issues involved and have had the opprtutinity to think them through.

How much will the renewal of Trident actually cost? What would be the impact of not renewing or replacing Trident? Have nuclear weapons kept us safe since the end of World War II? Is Trident legal under International Law?

Renewal of the Trident programme would extend Britain’s commitment to nuclear ‘deterrence’ well into the secound half of this century, despite treaty obligations and an ‘unequivocal undertaking’ to disarm. The estimates of the cost of renewal or replacement of trident range from £100 to £200 billion (ie £100 to £200,000,000,000).

With more than 16,000 nuclear weapons stockpiled worldwide, the risk of one going off by accident or design is increasing every day. timmon Milne Wallis expolers the arguements for retaining Trident with a critical eye, cutting through the rhetoric and obfuscation to get to the real thruth about Trident.

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