No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth (1985)

No Immediate Danger: Prognosis for a Radioactive Earth (1985)

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By Rosalie Bertell

This is inspiring, essential reading for everyone who would like a firm base of knowledge about ionising radiation and the dangers of nuclear technology. If you want to overcome your “nuclear illiteracy,” this is the book! It is also a long-term reference guide which can be used in campaigns against nuclear power, nuclear waste, nuclear transport, nuclear weapons and radiological weapons. It also gives essential insights into the enormous investment and power interests which align themselves against honest scientific enquiry in this field. Don’t leave home without it!

Rosalie Bertell was an American author, scientist, environmental activist, epidemiologist, and sister of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart, best known for her work in the field of ionizing radiation. A dual citizen of Canada and the United States, she worked in environmental health since 1970. Sister Doctor Bertell received a doctorate in biometry, which is the use of mathematics to understand and predict biological processes, from the Catholic University of America. She was a consultant for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, was president of the International Institute of Concern for Public Health in Toronto, and a founder of the International Commission for Health Professionals in Geneva. Her accessible, demystifying book, No Immediate Danger, has been translated into seven languages, and was a best-seller in the U.K. (published there by the Women’s Press).

Sister Dr. Bertell died at age 83 at Saint Mary Medical Center, Langhorne, Pennsylvania after a battle with cancer.

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