Faslane 365 a year of anti- nuclear blockades book

Faslane 365 a year of anti- nuclear blockades book


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“The Faslane campaign has been fantastic, it has encouraged people to act as the opposition to a government of false consensus and arrogance.”

“Trident is an expensive stupid nuclear toy that creates an arms race, threatens to destabilise arms reduction treaties and lurches us into an uncertain future. It is a redundant dinosaur of the cold war  era that has no place and serves no purpose, other than to aggrandise the military prowess of Britains rulers. so when a state is uncivil, civil disobedience to the state becomes merely good manners. to everyone who locked themselves to the gates of Faslane, who blocked roads, who dressed as pixies or swam across the loch to reach the submarinmes, I  salute your lessons in  civic etiquette.”


comedian and political activist

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