Privacy Policy

Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (hereby referred to as Yorkshire CND) is an unincorporated association, operating as a regional contact for the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND). We report to our membership at our annual general meeting and are managed by a co-ordinating group, made up of representatives of affiliated local peace groups, which meets 8 times a year.

We are deeply concerned about the increasing monitoring of private citizens by both state and corporate bodies. Therefore we aim to use and promote high standards of data privacy and security in the delivery of all our services to our members and supporters.

You have a set of rights in relation to personal information we hold about you under the Data Protection Act 2018. You can find out more about this on the website of the Information Commissioners Office:


If you are a member we keep a record of your name, address and member subscription payment dates and amounts, in order to provide you with member services. You may additionally opt to provide us with;

  • other connect details such as email, phone number and social media and we will endeavour to use your preferred communication medium.
  • information relating to your membership of a local campaign group, trade union or political party, so that we can send you relavent information to enable you to campaign more effectively. We will retain a record of your name and address and the fact you were a member for up to 5 years after your membership lapses unless you request otherwise.

We will never share your details with third parties, except where expressly specified e.g a petition to government would be shared with the relevant minister or government department.


As a customer of our website or ticketing system we use your name, postal address, postcode, email address, and telephone number in order to provide you with products and services under contract. We retain this information for a period of up to 1 year after the conclusion of our contractual relationship with you.

Financial Records

If you join Yorkshire CND as a member, donate or make a purchase online, then your financial details will only ever be processed by PayPal and your and our banking service providers. PayPal is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority and uses advanced encryption technology in order to protect transactions and your data.

If you make payments using cheque, cash or direct debit, we will securely store physical records of this.

Mailing lists

If you sign up to our supporters email list we will use email address to contact you with news and information about upcoming events organised by Yorkshire CND and other peace movement organisations in the region. You can also optionally provide us with your address and postcode and this maybe used to tailor the information we send to you.

Our existing mailing list is made up of those who have activity opted in via our newsletter sign up form (double opt-in) or who have filled out a paper newsletter sign up sheet at a local event. We do not add names from other sources (such as petitions) to our mailing list.

Every electronic mailing we send includes a link which enables you to remove yourself from the email list permanently. Additionally by 30th June 2018 we will provide a ”forget me” option to allow you to remove all person data we hold.


If our organisation enters into a partnership with your organisation we may retain a record of the names, emails, and telephone numbers of you and your colleagues/employees for the purpose of managing this partnership.

Use of cookies

Our website optionally uses cookies to provide you with a better user experience whilst using our online services.

If you have any questions or queries about any of the above please contact