Nuclear Free Local Authorities

Delivering Disarmament and Peace: a joint seminar by Mayors for Peace and NFLA

Leeds Civic Hall Calverley St, , Leeds , Yorkshire, United Kingdom

The aim of the meeting will be to bring some of the key issues in the disarmament discussion to the fore, as well as considering ways local authorities can support the wider peace and justice agenda. It is also to help encourage attendance from Mayors / Provsts and councillors and engage them with NGO representatives, so it is a good […]

Nuclear Free Local Authorities 40th anniversary webinar

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

November 2020 is a milestone for the Nuclear Free Local Authorities as it commemorates the 40th anniversary of its formation. In 1980 Councils from across the UK (and later) the Republic of Ireland passed resolutions of concern over the potential for a nuclear weapon attack and to oppose developing civil defence plans for them. With the Chernobyl and Fukushima disasters […]