Webinar: Extreme Circumstances

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

  Join NIS (Nuclear Information Service) on 8 September at 14:00 to discuss our latest report ‘Extreme Circumstances: The UK’s new nuclear warhead in context’. You will hear from the author, David Cullen (NIS) and guest speakers Kate Hudson (CND) and Nick Ritchie (University of York), chaired by Tim Street (NIS). There will be time for questions too.

Extreme circumstances: the UK’s new nuclear warhead in context

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

This new research report from Nuclear Information Service gathers together all available information from UK and US on the replacement nuclear warhead programme. The discussion will outline the likely reasoning for replacement, possible capabilities, timeline and costs as well as the links with US warheads and the impacts on our non-proliferation obligations. Speakers: Report researcher and author David Cullen (NIS), […]

Webinar: Nuclear weapons, the Ukraine conflict and beyond

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

  Join NIS for their webinar on Wednesday 14th December at 15:00 GMT They will be discussing nuclear threats and doctrine concerning the Ukraine conflict as well as nuclear weapons modernisation, the prospects for nuclear arms control and ideas on nuclear risk reduction. Their panel includes: Shannon Bugos, Senior Policy Analyst at the Arms Control Association Dr Tim Street, Secretary […]

The legacy of British nuclear weapons colonialism

Throughout its history the UK’s nuclear weapons programme has depended upon the resources, lands and labour of indigenous communities. Join us to discuss the legacy of this exploitative system and the struggle for justice with representatives from some of those communities. Speakers: Marie-Claire Faray outlining some of the impacts of uranium mining for nuclear weapons in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) Ian Zabarte from the Western […]