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“Nonviolence Works! An opportunity for the Christian community to engage in creative peacemaking” – Leeds

Leeds Beckett University Portland Cresent, Leeds

Marie Dennis (author and co-president of Pax Christi International) and Maria Stephan (senior policy fellow at the US Institute for Peace) Present their work on the joint Vatican/Pax Christi International initiative on Nonviolence and Just Peace. The way we go to war and deal with international conflicts has been dominated by the concepts of ‘just war’, which makes assumptions about […]

George Lakey – A divided Britain: What can we learn from the Nordics?

Leeds Beckett University Portland Cresent, Leeds

George Lakey will present the first Howard Clark Memorial Lecture on Nonviolence: "A DIVIDED BRITAIN: WHAT CAN WE LEARN FROM THE NORDICS?” George is a leading activist and educator on Nonviolence and resistance. In his new book he takes a radical view of how we approach division and inequality and the responses we can make. In July 2017 Melville House […]

Emerging Weapons Technologies & Human Rights Implications

Broadcasting Place, Leeds Beckett University Woodhouse Lane, Leeds

Over half of the world’s scientists are undertaking military research and military expenditure now is higher than at the height of the cold war. New weapons technologies are emerging which will transform future wars, border control and the very nature of security – and at a time of austerity when we can least afford it. These sessions on emerging weapons […]

Shadow World film with Andrew Feinstein – Leeds

Leeds Beckett University Portland Cresent, Leeds

ROSE BOWL 5th Floor, Room 538 Directed by Johan Grimonprez and in part based on Corruption Watch UK founder Andrew Feinstein’s globally acclaimed book 'The Shadow World: Inside the Global Arms Trade', the film reveals how the international trade in weapons – with the complicity of governments and intelligence agencies, investigative and prosecutorial bodies, weapons manufacturers, dealers and agents – […]

A fresh view on conflict: Logics of security versus the logics of peace – Leeds

Leeds Beckett University Portland Cresent, Leeds

Annual Howard Clark Memorial Lecture A fresh view on conflict: Logics of security versus the logics of peace at the example of the Korean conflict  Speaker: Dr Christine Schweitzer Organiser: Dr Rachel Julian, Director of CeASR In this presentation, the Korean conflict between North and South with its confrontation between world powers will be analyzed, using the template of “Logic […]

Routes to Peace in an Uncertain World – Paul Rogers

Leeds Civic Hall Calverley St, , Leeds

Leeds City Council, Leeds Peace Links Group, Leeds Beckett University and Mayors for Peace present: The 2019 Leeds International Peace Lecture Paul Rogers is recognised as one of the foremost experts in international security in the country, having worked in the field for over 30 years. Paul lectures at universities and defence colleges in several countries and is a regular […]