Nukewatch report to CND (June – August 2021)

Nukewatch report to CND (June – August 2021)

Warhead convoy movements monitored

    • A warhead convoy left AWE Burghfield in mid July and travelled to RNAD Coulport over a single day continuous trip. The convoy was followed by Nukewatch from Burghfield to the Scottish border. It returned to Burghfield later in July on a two day journey. Nukewatch believes that the convoy was loaded on both the northward and southward legs of the journey.

Special nuclear material convoys monitored

    • A convoy travelled between AWE Aldermaston and RNAD Coulport at the end of June, returning to Aldermaston in early July. The convoy was thought to be a special nuclear materials convoy, possibly transporting tritium to Coulport.
    • The July warhead convoy, after arriving at AWE Burghfield on the return trip, then returned to AWE Aldermaston in full convoy formation. The trip to Aldermaston was thought to be carrying warhead nuclear materials.

Other activities

    • Updated Nukewatch spotters leaflets with information on how to recognise and report a nuclear convoy have been printed and distributed.
    • AWE Burghfield has continued to be checked for convoys when possible to do so safely with regard to coronavirus safety precautions.

We need your help!

    • Nukewatch is always on the look-out for new spotters to help us monitor and track nuclear warhead convoys. If you have a car, live close to a warhead convoy route, and are willing to help watch for the convoy, please let us know by email to or by phone on 0345 4588 365.
    • If you see a nuclear weapons convoy on your travels please let us know as soon as possible. We need to know what you saw, time and place, and the direction the convoy was travelling in. Please report any sightings to 0345 4588 365 (North), 0345 4588 364 (South) or 07824 140058.
    • Information on our activities can be found on the Nukewatch website at
    • Nukewatch would like to thank CND Council for their continued support and financial assistance.