Join us in saying ‘No to NATO’ in Cardiff

Join us in saying ‘No to NATO’ in Cardiff

This autumn, powerful world leaders will make their voices heard at the NATO gathering. We must make sure that the voice of the millions around the world who want peace and justice is also heard. A week of demonstrations and discussions is planned, see full details below.

PROTEST 30 August to 5 September

map of march newportDEMONSTRATE Saturday 30 August, Mass demonstration through central Newport.
Assembles 1pm at the Civic Centre Car Park and marches around the town centre ending at Westgate Square for a rally. See map on the right for route.


Sunday 31 August

Counter Summit in Cardiff County Hall, CF10 4UW View on map
10am – 5.30pm

Monday 1st September

Counter Summit in Newport
Venue to be announced

Click here for the full programme

Tuesday 2 September and Wednesday 3 September

Various local events

Thursday 4 September: First day of NATO Summit

Mass Action and March on the Celtic Manor
Gather at 12 Noon • Cenotaph • Clarence Place • Newport NP11 6DG

Friday 5 September

Final day of Summit. Direct Actions. Street Theatre.

What you can do:

Travelling to Newport and Cardiff

We would like to take a bus down from Yorkshire to the demonstration and perhaps stay for the counter conference the following day if people are interested?
If you’d like to go and make your voice heard please get in touch.


  1. victoria masters 10 years ago

    i live in cardiff and am a nurse im not affiliated to any cause but grew up with a cnd sticker on our fridge [my mum] if there was one movement i would like to support with my young kids it would be CND its the only way to be as i know from talking to my mum when a kid and our general outlook on life. am so shocked there isnt a rally from cardiff? or maybe im just not seeing it if u yorkshire folk are looking for help suport or a place to kip please get in touch i very much admire your dedication.
    victoria masters

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