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  • Get in touch with your local group. If there isn’t a group in your area, consider starting one. Yorkshire CND can help with this, and see Campaigner’s Handbook for info on how to start a new group.
  • Organise a stall at your local festival, political event or just in the town square. We have a street stall available to borrow, The People’s Budget, which encourages passers by to take part and decide whether they would spend £100billion on Trident or on other things.
    Peoples Budget
  • Letter writing. If we are going to persuade decision-makers not to replace Trident by 2016, we need to be contacting MPs and also getting our message across to as broader selection of people as possible.
    Also, letters to local newspapers and phone-ins to radio shows can be very effective in getting our message across. Look at the Campaigner’s Handbook for ideas and tips on this.
  • Come to one of our events.