AGM 2023 & Constitution

We recently held our AGM at Common Space in Bradford.

We were pleased that the chair of National CND, Tom Unterrainer, opened the day with a talk open to the wider public. Read here:

YORKSHIRE CND – AGM. 21 Jan. 2023


12:05pm – Welcome from Yorkshire CND chair Dave Webb

12:10pm – Public Talk (‘Nuclear Dangers: thinking globally, acting locally’) + Q&A by National CND Chair (Tom Unterrainer)

1:40pm – Discuss the minutes of last year’s AGM

1:50pm – Dave Webb’s report of the year

2:10pm – Treasurer’s Report

2:20pm – Workers’ reports

2:30pm – Group Reports

2:40pm – Election of officers & co-ordinating group

2:50pm – Constitution amendments

3:10pm – Policy Amendments (Equality & Diversity, Finance)

3:20pm – Membership fees

3:30pm – UNTPNW Anniversary Statement

3:35pm – February’s strategy meeting agenda

3:45pm – Closing statements and notice of future events

Download our constitution here: Constitution jan 15

Welcome from Yorkshire CND chair Dave Webb

  • There was representation from Hull, Bradford , Keighley, Sheffield, Calder Valley, & Leeds 

Public Talk (‘Nuclear Dangers: thinking globally, acting locally’) + Q&A by National CND Chair (Tom Unterrainer)

  • Talk available to read & listen to on our website
  • There were some concerns of AI making decisions in the use of nuclear weapons
  • Colin commented that we are now in a double Cold War: West v Russia and China. Alarming..
  • What’s the difference between the activism in CND in the 60/70s/80s and now? It was agreed that people were more terrified back then by the idea of nuclear weapons. However, do we want people to be terrified? It was agreed that we don’t. So how can we best explain the urgency of the situation and engage people?
  • Points were made that comedy is a good way to showcase how foolish people are e.g. on AI stuff (a style utilized well by Spitting Image)
  • Alasdair raised that Becky Sharp provides a good category system. Against, for, those that understand and those that don’t. Those that don’t understand are perhaps the most dangerous.
  • Back to the point of the difference between then and now. It was stated that soon there will be no one that has experienced a nuclear bomb, and the media has changed over the years in their depiction of this.
  • What is fantasy and what is reality?
  • It was raised that we could maybe reach out to Noel Sharkey, Chair of International Committee for Robot Arms Control (ICRAC ) from University of Sheffield, to arrange a talk around killer robots/the growing links between AI and nuclear threats – or we could ask Dronewars UK.
  • There was a request for showing the film Threads, which was made in Sheffield, to illustrate the local impact of nukes. Sam and Richard agreed to work on this together.
  • Responding to a question on CND action at US military bases in the UK – Ellie’s role as vice-chair involves organising more activism around military bases. This could be a point of discussion in the upcoming strategy meeting which she is attending.

Discuss the minutes of last year’s AGM

  • All content with the minutes

Dave Webb’s report of the year

  • A thorough presentation that featured music from Peter Tosh song “We don’t want no nuclear war”.
  • Thanks to workers and note of changeovers. Also sad losses of 2022 – Bruce Kent, Dave Knight, Alice Mahon.

Treasurer’s Report

  • Hugh gave a positive update: £50k assets.
  • Lots of changes over the past year
  • Matt’s loss has made things difficult but he still provides us with advice and helps with transactions
  • Access to accounts have been an issue
  • We no longer need to rely on Malcolm or Matt for signatures
  • Glastonbury+Shambala+Peace&Crafts fair have earned us over £10,000
  • We get other money from donations, memberships, events, merch etc.
  • Hugh proposed that Ronnie is a signatory on the accounts (e.g. co-op) for ease of access
  • Dave suggests Hugh, Ronnie, and Sam to have access – all agree
  • It was formally proposed that Hugh Hubbard, Ronnie Wright and Sam Legg should be made signatories for the Co-op and Santander accounts.  This was agreed nem. con. 

Workers’ reports

  • All present were pleased with the work that’s being done
  • Sylvia asked for Dylan’s highlight. He says the Godzilla night, because it helped to gain good contacts and was a nice change from his previous role
  • Dylan thanks Sam for his support in his new position of Student Engagement Intern.
  • Ronnie thanks all for the support and opportunity and recognises importance of keeping on top of finances
  • Ronnie is learning a lot more and building stronger links with other groups e.g. Malek from national CND

Group Reports

  • All present were happy with reports
  • Richard raised local projects and the differences between projects e.g. SCRAP, SHAG and Sheffield CND. Sam noted that this will be accounted for in the new website he’s working on:
  • Dev appreciated the support from.Matt in Hull, whilst he was a worker, and would like to build a stronger working relationship with Yorkshire CND

Election of officers & co-ordinating group

  • Izzy has stood down
  • Richard (Sheffield) and Dev (Hull) were invited to join coord and agreed.
  • Dave would like a rep from Bradford CND
  • All other positions retained
  • We need to check with Charlie to see if ok to remain on our co-ord team
  • Hugh and Colin are our current national council reps
  • Colin wants to step down as national council rep
  • Commitment of being a rep is 3 times a year, and Tom mentions that it is likely to remain on Zoom
  • Richard has offered to take over from Colin – agreed by meeting
  • Workers can attend CND council as an observer
  • Colin suggests that we encourage our staff to join council meetings as observers, after Cath notes that she did in the past.
  • David, from Bradford CND, suggests that CND needs to do better bonding across regional groups e.g. a weekend bonding experience to increase trust
  • Alasdair raises that there needs to be more meeting in person events, but recognises the benefit of online meetings for wider engagement
  • Staffing group – Hugh, Alasdair, Colin, Cath, Dave (no set email for this)
  • Sylvia would like more clarification on the differences between email lists
  • Staffing/management = Dave, Cath, Colin, Alasdair, Hugh (no email group)
  • Noone from Bradford on team list, but they do attend regional campaigners meetings


  • A typo, pointed out by Colin (blank point 2)
  • Cath asked whether we need coord to approve new members and that we should bring this up in future coord meetings. Perhaps approve en bloc at each Coord meeting?
  • All are happy to keep the constitution the same, but before it’s published on the website, the typo needs to be corrected.

Policy Amendments (Equality & Diversity, Finance)

  • Point 5.4- Wheelchair access is an issue in the current building. If we do have an issue with access needs in the future then we need to have a discussion about it.
  • It was noted that there are meeting rooms downstairs and workers/coord will do their best to make alternative arrangements for those with access needs.
  • Change line managers in point 12.3 to staffing committee
  • Point 14.2 – change to ‘responsibility of coord’
  • Point 14.3- full time worker to actively monitor, review and make recommendations via the elected officers to council as appropriate 
  • Some debate over the word ‘discrimination’
  • Miriam mentions indirect and direct discrimination. 
  • Miriam says we could need to update in line with changing policies, but try to keep wording open
  • Alasdair mentions that policies won’t solve everything but we need to ensure good practise
  • It was agreed that this new CND equalities document (adapted from National CND’s) will be the final document we will use, following changes highlighted to make it relevant to Yorkshire rather than National CND.
  • Coord need to be informed regularly about updates to the law that might require that the document is changed
  • Dev suggests whilst we may have aspirations in our documents, we need to reflect them in our practices as well as documents.
  • Hugh wants to standardise an initial finance draft for April 2023, but Dave would like a report/draft at February’s coord meeting.
  • All agreed that we need a safeguarding document
  • Cath suggested that we go to Bradford’s Voluntary Sector services (CABAD) for advice
  • Sam to send an update to coord with a set date and draft before next coord

Membership fees

  • Some people were unsure if they were Yorkshire members or not
  • It was confirmed that if you are a national member that makes you officially a regional member too
  • Key to make it clear what the differences are between national and regional memberships
  • Dave would like to see more group affiliations
  • Cath has said the standing orders should be cheaper 
  • Some issues with standing orders were raised by Cath and Alasdair
  • Ronnie needs to contact people if paying less than £12 a year
  • Hugh suggests we rethink fees over the year – agreed by Cath as they haven’t changed for over 10 years
  • It’s agreed that, when Ronnie is more on top of things, we look at a bigger fee overhaul
  • All agreed that group affiliation fees to be updated. New rates to be £20 (trade union affiliation), £25 (peace group affiliation), and £10 (student peace group)

UNTPNW Anniversary Statement

  • All agreed to continue our work in support of the TPNW
  • Space actions (militarisation of space) also noted as key to our work as a local group
  • Dave says we should put a statement out on the anniversary of the TPNW
  • Dev and Dave discussed the importance of recognising the impact of new tech on warfare
  • Dave says we need to campaign much more strongly this coming year
  • All agreed that nuclear weapons and climate are linked, so we must campaign more on this e.g. building links with XR at the upcoming London demo in April.

February’s strategy meeting agenda

  • Golden Ball, York – 18th Feb (midday-late)
  • Dylan mentioned that there’s interest from his student/youth contacts to attend
  • Agenda to be finalised in next co-ord meeting

Closing statements and notice of future events

  • Pancake day at Menwith hill – 21st Feb
  • We need to liaise with MHAC about the practicality of pancake day
  • Sylvia would like more people to attend the MHAC demos
  • Sam asked for volunteers for 1in12 gig
  • Sam to inform others of Northern CND meetings

Elected Co-ordinating Group:

Chair: Dave Webb

Vice Chair: Catherine Bann

Treasurer: Hugh Hubbard

Colin Archer

Sylvia Boyes

Richard Bakewell

Debashis De

Alasdair Beal

Charles Fairbank

Miriam Moss 

Delegates to National CND Council

Hugh Hubbard

Richard Bakewell

List information:

  • Team = elected coord members+staff+key people to keep informed (Articles, key dates/events, campaign ideas/strategies, and projects in the work)
  • Co-ord = elected coord members+staff ((Strictly business e.g. policy document discussions, funding bid updates, office related discussions, room/venue bookings, website ideas, and meetings links for coord zooms)