General Election 2015

The final vote on Trident replacement will take place in 2016, so the MPs that are voted in at this election will be the ones that get to make the final decision on Trident. It is important to understand that this is not only a party political issue, but one of personal conscience – the last vote in 2007 saw a massive rebellion on the Government benches. 88 Labour MPs voting against the motion despite Labour imposing a ‘3 line whip’ the strongest instruction a party can give to force members to vote a certain way, alongside all SNP and Lib Dem MPs.

It is therefore vital that we demonstrate to candidates our opposition to Trident and let them know that our support relies on what way they would vote in 2016 if they were to win.

Quick action

OK, this is it election day! – Find out how your candidates will vote on Trident next year.

If you have chosen your candidate due to their anti-trident stance, let them know – CNDs Online Candidate lobbying tool it’s important in keeping them to their promises.


Local Election hustings are a great place to raise Trident. To find your nearest hustings click here, or  go to our Events page .

64% of the British public oppose Trident replacement, but these 3 men all support it...

The Campaign in Yorkshire

There are 54 MP’s in the Yorkshire and Humberside region, we are looking for co-ordinators for every single one, if you are interested in holding your local politician to account and think you can help engage others in doing the same then please sign-up to become a co-ordinator. We will send you a pack of resources for your constituency, such as information about candidates, local press contacts and social media contacts for each candidate.

All the election hustings  we can find in Yorkshire are listed on our Hustings page or our events page. Find your local event, go along and raise Trident.

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Getting to know your MP

It is important to know who are speaking to when contacting your MP in order to understand the most effective way at communicating your concerns to them. There is lots of great information online about your MP and how they have voted on issues in the past.

Information on how your MP voted in the recent Trident renewal debate in January 2015 is here and info on how they voted back in 2010 is available on the Public Whip.

They work for you is also a great resource.