Working with the climate movement: CND groups workshop

CND invites our groups and active supporters to join us for this online workshop to discuss how we as anti-nuclear campaigners can work with the climate movement. With COP28 taking place November 30th-December 12th, this is a crucial time for our campaigns to come together. The climate threat and the nuclear threat are fundamentally interlinked and it will strengthen all our goals […]

Social Peace Workshop

The Minerva Pub Nelson St, Hull

Join Cooperative Hull at The Minerva Pub on Tuesday 17th from 6-8pm. 6-7pm For those who can't stick around, our regular social is an opportunity for Cooperation Hull regulars and newbies alike to chat, make connections, and find your place in our movement. 7-7:20pm For those who can we urge you to stay for a timely and insightful talk by […]

Uniting for Peace Annual Conference “Are we already in World War III? Can a Roadmap for Peace Change Culture of War to Culture of Peace”

Chair: Rita Payne, President Emeritus, Commonwealth Journalists Association   Speakers: Vijay Mehta, Chair, Uniting for Peace, Author, How Not To Go To War, Board Member, GAMIP (Global Alliance for Ministries and Infrastructures for Peace) (UK) Medea Benjamin,  Political Activist, Co-Founder of CodePink, Author, War in Ukraine (USA) Tony Robinson, Editor, Pressenza – An International News Agency and Author, Coffee with […]

Are we already in World War III? Can Roadmap for Peace Change War to Peace

In an era marked by geopolitical tensions, proxy conflicts, and global challenges, the question arises: Are we already embroiled in World War III? This pressing concern serves as the focal point of an upcoming conference that aims to explore the current state of international affairs and investigate whether a roadmap for peace can effectively rescue us from the brink of […]

The annual Olof Palme Peace Lecture

The Royal Armouries Armouries Dr, Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Join the Peace Museum for the annual Olof Palme Lecture, which this year will be held in the Bury Theatre at the Royal Armouries Museum. This year's lecture will be given by Clive Barrett, Chair of the Peace Museum in Bradford and a peace movement historian. Clive will draw on imagery and objects from the Peace Museum’s collection to explore […]

Breaking Open Conversations on the Arms Trade

The World Peace Foundation's program, Revitalizing Debate on the Arms Trade (RDAT), seeks to invigorate debate and policy about the arms trade through integrating the trade into other areas of policy, research, and activism. In this panel, we explore initial RDAT findings from the following speakers: Nico Edwards - ESRC-funded International Relations PhD student at University of Sussex, and active […]

CND Policy Conference

Methodist Central Hall Oldham St, Manchester

CND will meet for our Policy Conference on Saturday 28 October, in Manchester and online. There will be extra time this year to discuss the thorny issues facing us, and those who would prefer not to make the journey can join online from the comfort of their homes. This year we are reinstating our conference fees, but unchanged at the […]

BIG UP festival of art and social change

The Tetley Hunslet Road, Leeds

In the wilds and winding streets of West Yorkshire, a diverse ecology of community arts and social change work is thriving and flourishing, creating and instigating. This work can sometimes be overlooked, which is where BIG UP steps in and plugs in the amp. In building networks between creatives, social change-makers and audiences, the aim is to make the voices […]

Festival for Survival

The Renfield Centre & Adelaide Baptist Church Glasgow, United Kingdom

One Planet: Twin Threats. Festival for Survival is a gathering exploring the link between nuclear weapons & climate change. Scotland Must Act. War has scarred the 21st Century and the world is careering towards an even more precarious position. The rising potential for nuclear calamity fuses with another existential threat: human-induced catastrophic climate change and ecocide. These threaten the very […]