Exposed! The secret US/UK nuclear weapons agreement – a CND and Declassified UK webinar


CND and Declassified UK invite you to join our upcoming webinar exploring the murky treaty linking the US and Britain's nuclear weapons. In place since 1958, the Mutual Defence Agreement (MDA) oversees the transfer of nuclear technologies that enable Britain to maintain and modernise its nuclear arsenal. Renewed every ten years, the MDA is up for extension in 2024 - […]

Beyond the Mushroom Cloud: The Economics of Nuclear Aggression


The nuclear weapons industry includes a couple dozen companies that build the parts necessary for nuclear weapons. Behind these companies are investors that provide the resources needed to secure contracts to build nuclear weapons. ICAN and PAX publish regular updates on these companies and their financial backers. Find out more about the banks, pension funds, asset managers and other investors […]

Weaponising Universities: Research Collaborations between UK Universities and the Military Industrial Complex

An online panel discussion including the author, Okopi Ajonye, who will be joined by: Victoria Araj from the University of Lincoln, Andy Stirling from the University of Sussex, and River Butterworth from the University of Nottingham. This event will be facilitated by CAAT's Sam Perlo-Freeman. This new report discusses the deepening links between universities in the UK, the arms industry, and military research, including arms industry-funded […]

Online Discussion: Uranium Mining

Dimity Hawkins (Nuclear Truth Project, ICAN Australia), Myrriah Gómez (University of New Mexico) and Yaroslav Koshelev (Technical University of Berlin) will be the featured speakers at our upcoming online event, which is part of our Nuclear Survivors campaign. We are thrilled to host these inspiring individuals who will share their insights on uranium mining. The speakers are related to organizations […]

Discover Nuclear Test Veterans’ Stories

The story of the United Kingdom's nuclear testing programme after the Second World War is not widely known. This event, presented by Lottie Selwyn from Big Ideas, is an opportunity to hear the veterans stories. The session includes a special screening of four films in which young people from England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland interview nuclear test veterans, an […]


Building on our last #StandWithGaza Workplace Day of Action which saw thousands of people joining actions in hundreds of workplaces on 7th Feb, the next DoA will coincide with International Women’s Day 2024 on Fri 8 March and will have the theme ‘Solidarity With #PalestinianWomen’. Women and children have been forced to bear the brunt of Israel’s genocide in Gaza […]

YCND Strategy Day

The Rutland Arms 86 Brown St, Sheffield City Centre, Sheffield

Join us in Sheffield for a day of planning for actions throughout the coming year, with a particular focus on how to encourage City Councils (like Sheffield) to sign the TPNW and campaigning for peace in worldwide conflicts (e.g. in Gaza & Yemen). The day will include time for discussion and creative activities. Doors @ 1pm Discussions and other activities […]

The human and environmental cost of Britain’s nuclear weapons testing – Parliamentary CND webinar

In pursuing nuclear weapons, nuclear-armed states – including Britain – have caused long-lasting human and environmental damage and destruction. When we discuss the terrifying consequences of nuclear war and weapons, it is important to understand that the production of these weapons has already had devastating consequences for many indigenous people across the globe. Between 1957-62, the British government undertook nuclear […]

Gig for Gaza

Mabgate Bleach Unit 2 Ground Middle Suite, Mabgate mills, Leeds

Gig for Gaza is a non-profit event that will donate 100% of ticket sales and donations to the Palestinian Red Cresent Society (PRCS), a branch of the Red Cresent and Red Cross movement. This charity helps maintain the healthcare system in Gaza which has suffered occupation, blockade and indiscriminate bombing. This lineup consists of: Normal Village Kiosk Static Caravan Bathing […]