NIS webinar: Nuclear Secrecy – Democracy, nuclear weapons and disarmament in the US and UK

Join the Nuclear Information Service in discussion with Kennette Benedict, Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists; and Alex Wellerstein, US nuclear historian. We will cover the history of nuclear secrecy in the US and UK, how the bomb has affected the politics and society of nuclear weapon states, and what disarmament would entail. The discussion will be followed by a live Q&A.

Greenham Common Film Showing

Artworks The Everybody School of Art , Shaw Lane, Halifax

In March 2020, Calder Valley CND expanded our wonderful Greenham Common exhibition, featuring the memories and memorabilia of people in the valley who supported Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp. After a successful run at Hebden Bridge Hall, we moved it to The Artworks in Halifax, whose huge gallery space allowed us to display far more images. We included exhibits that […]

The USA, Russia and NATO: Arms Races, Confrontations & Common Security Alternatives

Join the Campaign for Peace, Disarmament and Common Security for this online panel discussion to discuss the new arms races and military confrontations between the US, NATO and Russia, and the need for a deeper understanding of these dynamics and where there are openings to defuse these dangerous confrontations. With guest speakers Prof. Alexey Gromyko, Chairman of the Council of Professors of the […]

Time for Action (YCND Regional Campaigners Meeting)


Join us for our final Regional Campaigners' Meeting where we will assess our activity over the past year and chart out a plan for 2022. As the climate catastrophe worsens and governments continue to prioritise military expenditure over a sustainable, just transition, it is vital we step up our campaigning. We will be discussing everything from divestment and nuclear ban […]

No AUKUS pact – No New Cold War: International Day of Action

No nuclear proliferation! No AUKUS pact! No New Cold War! Join the International Day of Action on Saturday, December 11th. CND has joined with the Australian and US peace movements to draw public attention to the new AUKUS military pact between the UK, US and Australia. The deal will give Australia nuclear-powered submarines – the first non-nuclear state to get […]

Britain Must Sign the TPNW! Yorkshire CND Annual General Meeting


Exactly one year since the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons entered into force, Yorkshire CND will be hosting its annual Annual General Meeting. Taking place in person, we will be joined by speakers, musicians and plenty more. Venue and timings to be announced soon but make sure to keep it in your diary!

Working for Peace in the Middle East – CND online conference


Join CND and guest speakers to discuss the current situation in the Middle East and how we can best campaign for peace in the region. Will the Middle East ever be nuclear-free? And what is the UK’s role in the region? 1pm – 2:10pm: Voices from the Middle East: can the region be nuclear-free? Chair: Dave Webb, CND Chair Sharon […]