Bradford: 75 Years is Enough!

Centenary Square, Bradford Centenary Square, Bradford, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Registrations are now closed as we have no more spaces for further participants. In Bradford we are calling for 75 local citizens, be they campaigners, supporters, local councillors or religious and civic leaders to form a peace symbol in the city centre to mark out Bradford as a city of peace. Will you join us? On the 16th of July […]

Bradford – Hiroshima / Nagasaki 75th Anniversary -ONLINE

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Please join us for a commemoration of the nuclear bombings of the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.  75 years on, we are still living in the shadow of the bomb. While we gather to remember the lives lost in 1945, and all the people who have suffered from the nuclear legacy since, we must also pledge to work towards […]

Day of Action: No to War on Yemen!

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

On Monday 25 January, join CND, Stop the War and over 250 other organisations from across the world in a global day of action  to end the war on Yemen. Since 2015, the Saudi-led onslaught against Yemen has killed tens of thousands of people, leading to the worst humanitarian crisis on earth. Half of the Yemeni people are on the brink […]

International Day of Action against Foreign Military Bases

NSA Menwith Hill Birstwith, Harrogate, United Kingdom

There will be a protest outside Menwith Hill on 30th April as a part of the International Day of Action against Foreign Military Bases, Menwith Hill Accountability Campaign & Yorkshire CND are organising a demonstration at the US Spy-base at Menwith Hill. There are now over 1,000 bases foreign bases around the world, operating largely outside of the control of […]

Keighley Vigil For Action Against Military Spending

Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Keighley Peace Justice and the Environment Network (KJPEN) have a called a vigil for action against military spending. As they say: "Despite the universal acceptance that the pandemic and climate change are existential threats, we have seen a pay freeze for front line workers and a vast increase in the military budget. We must ask ourselves does this reflect our […]

Free Palestine – No to Foreign Wars – No to Islamophobia

Centenary Square, Bradford Centenary Square, Bradford, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Recent weeks have seen the biggest protests in support of Palestine ever. But as the attacks on the Palestinians continue, Boris Johnson and US president Joe Biden continue to give full support to Israel. Islamophobia is being used to try and marginalise pro-Palestinian opinion. Meanwhile, Johnson and Biden are pushing a more and more aggressive foreign policy on all fronts. […]


Leeds Kill the Bill Demo

Briggate Briggate, Leeds, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

15th of January 2022 - 1pm Meet on Briggate, Leeds City Centre Bring pots, pans and anything to make noise!


A Celebration of UN Treaty banning Nuclear Weapons

Cliffe Castle Park, Keighley Keighley, Yorkshire, United Kingdom

Supporters of peace celebrated in 2021 when the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) entered into force. The states parties to the TPNW will meet for the first time in Vienna between 21st-23rd June, 2022. As a non-signatory, the UK can attend as an observer, but it is refusing to do so. Help us put pressure on the […]