Peace Lotus: International Solidarity to Anti War resistance

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Peace Lotus: International Solidarity to Anti War resistance

5 May @ 3:00 pm - 8:30 pm

Welcome to Peace Lotus: International Solidarity to Anti War resistance! Join us at Wharf Chambers for a day of unity and activism.

This in-person event will be a powerful gathering of like-minded individuals dedicated to promoting peace and justice. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with others who share your passion for creating a more peaceful world.

As Wharf radical lending library we stand with all colonised communities that are standing up in defence of their territories and lands worldwide! From Mexico, to Kashmir, to Palestine, to Congo!

Instead of having intellectual conversations about our shared struggles we propose a day of gift sharing. During these times, we are being called to action, but also to build bridges of connection and understanding. By this we mean:

Gift sharing

LEARN—Stop the scan: Workshop to learn how to investigate corporations that are complicit with policing and environmental destruction

CONNECT– Introduction to radical facilitation by Voices that Shake: Are you new to facilitation? Do want to learn how to hold radical spaces that are interested in compassionate and value-centred approaches?

The facilitation workshop will have a mixture of somatic exercises and theory to deepen our understanding of the offerings from voices that shake.


But what is this day about?

  • Understanding how war, militarism, and violent reactions fuel ongoing genocide and environmental destruction by Western powers is crucial.
  • We need to stand against war and violence as they only worsen the suffering of colonized communities worldwide.
  • NATO’s aggressive expansion and military actions, driven by a desire for global dominance, bring us closer to the brink of nuclear conflict and ecological disaster.
  • Instead of pushing for peace, mainstream narratives often promote more militarization, which only escalates the problem and threatens both human and environmental rights.
  • The huge military-industrial complex, especially in the US, is a major polluter, contributing significantly to climate change.
  • It’s vital to recognize our shared history and responsibility while advocating for peace and environmental justice.

Why is it called Peace lotus?

A day to reflect on the incredible internationalist anti-war resistance that supported the Vietnamese right to self-determination and triumphed in kicking the US out in 1975.

The vietnamese represent an example of internatiolist action to bring the end to foreing imperialism. Do you know any other examples?

Useful resources:

Podcast: A Vietnamese grandmother’s last battle

Article: How the Vietnam War pushed MLK to embrace global justice, not only civil rights at home

Article: The Impact of Student Activism on the Vietnam War | VT Foreign Policy

Article: Life’s work of Thich Naht Han

Zine: School for youth and social service. A movement that mobilized 10,000 young people for their own community

Lets celebrate our communities movements for self determinations!

In the tickets, you will find options to select whole day, or singular offering tickets. All tickets are pay as you feel and no one will be left outside for lack of funds! All the funds will support us to keep the library open.


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