CND 60th Anniversary Celebrations

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The event in Bradford will be 60 years to the day of the first meeting. The event will feature attendees of both that meeting and the many other of the historic protests in the years since, to tell stories and pass on the oral history of the protest movement. We'll also have a 'Bring Your Own Museum', (curated by Bradford's Peace Museum) where everyone is invited to bring a special item from their time in the peace movement, be that a bit of the Greenham fence, their first charge sheet, the leaflet they picked up last week, one of their favourite badges or whatever. The Commonweal Collection will also be involved, sharing some of their artefacts and important documents.

In addition there'll be short films, food, music and singing, celebrating not just our history and longevity, but our recent successes with the Global Ban Treaty.

February 17th, 2018 11:00 AM
Karla Sangam
St Peter's House,
1 Forster Square
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