• October 1st at Fylingdales

    By on 30th August 2016

    On October 1st, CND are organising a major protest simultaneously at RAF Fylingdales on the North Yorkshire Moors and...

  • What I did on my holidays

    By on 10th August 2016

    I thought that a couple of weeks in sunny Sardinia would enable me to briefly forget about the criminal...

  • Outcomes of the NATO Summit – Warsaw, July 8-9th

    By on 8th August 2016

    Warsaw is a beautiful city which has been restored after being totally destroyed by Nazi troops during the Warsaw...

  • Emergency Trident Demo Leeds

    Trident Vote – what happened in Yorkshire?

    By on 20th July 2016

    Leeds First thing in the morning campaigers scaled the scaffolding of the Majestic opposite Leeds train station, causing much...

  • Annual demo at Menwith Hill – 2nd July

    By on 29th June 2016

    Please come along this Saturday to the annual demo at Menwith Hill US spy base. Not to be missed!...

  • GDAMS postcard climateresearch

    Global Day of Action on Military Spending

    By on 18th March 2016

    The Global Day of Action Against Military Spending 2016 will be on April the 18th this year. Last year...

  • Don’t Bomb Syria demos

    By on 10th December 2015

    National Demo in London – Sat 12th Dec Coach from Bradford/Huddersfield, leaving 7am/7.30,  £10 / £20  Contact Roger Keely...

  • Portrait of Bruce Gagnon

    Bruce Gagnon Tour

    By on 28th October 2015

    We are very pleased to host Bruce Gagnon (Founder and Coordinator of The Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear...

  • Stop Trident Flier

    Stop Trident – Decision Time

    By on 26th October 2015

    Politicians are finally waking up to how unpopular nuclear weapons really are among voters, this huge progress is the...

  • Demo at Menwith Hill – Keep Space for Peace

    By on 10th September 2015

    Menwith Hill is one of the United States’ most important overseas bases, playing an integral role in the broader...