Angie Zelter – Bradford 4th Feb

Angie Zelter – Bradford 4th Feb

Yorkshire CND is delighted to host Angie Zelter –


After over 100 arrests across 3 continents and 16 prison sentences, Angie Zelter shares what she has learnt from 30 years struggling for peace and justice.

4pm 4th February 2015,  J19 Richmond Building, Bradford University

Angie Zelter is a British peace activist and nobel prize nominee, best known as the founder of a number of international campaign groups including Snowball, Trident Ploughshares and the International Woman’s Peace Service.

In 1996 she was one of three women who entered a British Aerospace military site and used hammers to disarm a Hawk Jet, causing £1.5million damage and preventing it from being exported to Indonesia where it was to be used in attacks against East Timor. The jury acquitted the women in a landmark court victory which forced the issue of arms control onto the mainstream agenda.

She was also one of the ‘Trident Three’ who entered a sonar testing station in Scotland in 1999 throwing computers and logbooks in to the loch.

Angie is the author of ‘Trident on Trial: the case for people’s disarmament”, and her latest book is “World in Chains: the impact of nuclear weapons and militarisation from a UK perspective”.