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Greater Manchester Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament – CND

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The Silent Victim – Online Series

We are in a climate emergency, and yet our defence spending continues to increase even though this contributes to the environmental crisis we all face. This series of livestreams on Zoom will explore diverse perspectives focusing on the topic ‘The Silent Victim’: how conflict affects the environment. Hear from a scientist, a community worker and a veteran, and learn the […]

The End of the Nuclear Age – Webinar


Humanity has developed massively destructive weapons that threaten our survival. However, the world has agreed to make some of them illegal. Chemical and biological weapons have been outlawed through international Treaties - but one remains. Nuclear weapons have come to be seen as a symbol of political power and those countries who possess them have stubbornly refused to relinquish them […]

The Bomb on my back – webinar with Reiko Asato and Joseph Gerson

  At 11.02am on the 9th August 1945 a nuclear bomb named 'Fat Man' was exploded 1,650 feet above the city of Nagasaki killing and injuring at least 70,000 people immediately. Greater Manchester CND has invited two international speakers to educate us about and help us reflect on the terrible bombing of Nagasaki. Joseph Gerson (American Friends Services Committee) will […]