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    A new front against Trident

    By on 18th December 2015

    With the decision on Trident fast approaching, Yorkshire CND is supporting a new initiative the Public Interest Case Against...

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    A night of poetry, music and peace!

    By on 11th December 2015

    We are super excited to be able to give more details of our evening of poetry and music with...

  • Don’t Bomb Syria demos

    By on 10th December 2015

    National Demo in London – Sat 12th Dec Coach from Bradford/Huddersfield, leaving 7am/7.30,  £10 / £20  Contact Roger Keely...

  • Don’t Bomb Syria

    By on 10th December 2015

    Unfortunately, earlier this month MPs failed to heed lessons learned from previous catastrophic engagements in the middle east, and...

  • Trident in the Strategic Defence Review

    By on 3rd December 2015

    The following article, by Paul Ingram of the British and American Security Council (BASIC) outlines the government position on...